What is marijuana?

In Few Words What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana is the most consumed drug in our country. It is obtained from a plant known as Indian Hemp, whose scientific name is Cannabis Sativa. This plant contains more than 400 active components, one of them called THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the one that directly affects the nervous system with various harmful symptoms.

Depending on the climate, type of plant and soil in which it grows, cannabis may contain more or less THC. Also, within the same plant different parts concentrate different proportions of THC, being that it is found to a greater degree in shoots and flowers than in leaves and stems. Due to its continuous cultivation and crossing of plants, it has been observed that the Cannabis currently sold and consumed is more potent than that of 10 years ago.

The most sought after variety for sale is the so-called seedless, of which only the buttons and flowers of the female plant are smoked, which has a THC content of between 7.5% and 24.5%.

The cannabis is consumed smoking the dry plant, in infusion like a tea or in breads and baked cakes.


And the hashish what is?

The Hashis is the gum or resin of the flowers of the female plants of the Cannabis, which has a high degree of THC, being able to arrive until the order of 43% in the case of the oil of Hashis.

And what are the effects of the consumption of marijuana?

With respect to other hallucinogens such as hallucinogenic mushrooms, peyote or LSD, marijuana is a mild hallucinogen, but no less dangerous. Marijuana has some depressant properties, similar to those of alcohol, retracting the person and hindering their relationship with others.

When a person smokes marijuana, he immediately feels his mouth and throat dry, experiencing clumsiness in the coordination of movements and balance, as well as acceleration of the heartbeat, distortion in the perception of the course of time, intensification of auditory and visual stimuli, slowness in the response of reflexes and expansion of blood vessels, so usually the eyes of the marijuana smoker are red.

After smoking marijuana repeatedly, the person can perceive sensations that are related to events and emotions of the past, easily falling into a paranoid state where the consumer believes that people are against him or trying to hurt him and do not understand, without seeing that it is he who isolates himself from people and tends to feel comfortable only with other marijuana smokers.

If the consumption of marijuana is prolonged and constant, they can present panic attacks, failures in the memory, intense hallucinations so much auditory as visual and, in extreme cases, toxic psychosis. However, depending on the emotional and mental stability of the consumer, these effects can be present even in the first experimentation.

Is marijuana addictive?

Is marijuana addictive?
Marijuana is addictive both physically and psychologically. For the difficulty of the consumer to face the demands of their reality (pressures, school or work problems, love difficulties) uses marijuana as a “cushion” of these painful feelings, cushion that soon shows itself able to move away or solve the problems, so the consumer soon feels the need for more marijuana in shorter periods of time, thus establishing a vicious circle where the dose increases.

But this addictive condition of the marijuana is not its only danger. The idea that it’s a “soft drug” is just as dangerous. For a high number of teenagers marijuana serves as a starting drug, so it becomes the gateway to many other drugs like cocaine, pills, LSD, heroin, ETC.

That is why it is very necessary to be very cautious, putting in professional hands the recovery of the addict to this drug as widespread as dangerous.



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